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Dialer Termination Services for Carriers, Resellers, And Service Providers

Dialer Termination Services

DialTel is now offering Dialer Termination services to carriers, resellers, and service providers. Anyone shopping for Dialer Traffic knows how hard it can be to find a reliable carrier with competitive pricing. Dialtel is very familiar with Dialer Termination and has been in the Voice Broadcasting service industry for nearly 10 years offering stable and reliable voice termination to end users and resellers.

Dialer Termination Rate Plans

Dialtel offers 2 types of rate plans for Dialer Termination. There are restricted rate plans and unrestricted rate plans.

Restricted Rate Plans

Restricted rate plans require that no more than 10% of the total traffic being sent to our switches is 6 seconds or less. We offer both a flat rate and an NPA-NXX rate plan for our restricted rate plans. Restricted rate plans have a blend of conversational and dialer traffic carriers. This is the most aggressive rate plan for pricing and quality.

Unrestricted Rate Plans

Unrestricted Rate Plans have no specific requirements. We offer both a flat rate and an NPA-NXX rate plan for our unrestricted rate plans. Unrestricted rate plans have only dialer approved carriers. This is not as aggressive in pricing and quality.

Online Portal and White Label

Dialtel provides a real time online portal for carriers and service providers to access call detail records, reporting tools, payments, and balance. This allows you to manage your account in real time and not rely on daily CDR or monthly bills to reconcile your account.

For resellers, Dialtel offers a back-end administration which allows viewing of customer balances, payments, and call detail records. This is important so resellers can track the performance of their customers and ensure they are happy with the services they are receiving.

Dialtel's termination services will give carriers, service providers, and resellers a strong competitive edge in the marketplace.

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