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Hosted Dialer for Business Insurance Leads

Hosted Dialer for Business Insurance Leads

Save alot of money by using our Hosted Dialer for lead generation. You can create exclusive real time leads for the Business Insurance Leads industry. The only cost for using our system is to pay for the calls you successfully terminate. This means you will not get charged any kind of hosting fee or pay for calls that do not succeed.

Hosted Dialer Versus Buying Your Own Auto Dialer

There is no comparison when you compare the differences in cost for buying a dialer versus using a Hosted Dialer. The difference is that not only will you save the cost of buying and hosting a system yourself, but we can also offer you better rates than you would be able to get on your own. Because we terminate millions of minutes per month and use an extensive LCR, we are able to pass cost savings back to the customer.

Free Data for Business Insurance

Dialtel is now offering customers free data to power their campaigns. The cost savings are substantial now that the client will not need to source their own data. Some strategies that we recommend are:

  • Contacting Small Businesses with an Employee Size of 1-5
  • Filtering by SIC Code to Target Businesses that fit your Profile
  • Using Voicemail Leads as a Campaign Style for Lead Generation
  • Calling Back Leads within 24 hours
  • Creating Multiple Campaigns to geo-target by location
  • Multiple Scripts to test the response ratio of different locations

Tools and Strategies for Lead Generation

With Dialtel you have many tools in the arsenal to create strong leads for your business. You can use Polls and Surveys to qualify leads through a 2-5 question poll. You can use Live Transfers to drive interested prospects back to your sales team for follow-up. Finally, you can use Voicemail Leads to gather recorded responses which can be retrieved from our system in real time.

There are 3 solid methods which all have pros and cons and generate a different lead type for your organization. You can use any one or all three methods and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Too many people think that a hosted dialer is just a system that you use to blast out messages and hope for the best. Truth is that this is a marketing tool that needs close monitoring and constant improvement. Customers that take the time to build multiple campaigns and strategies with different datasets, messages, and campaign styles will have the most success.

Why Choose Dialtel?

Dialtel is strongly committed to Voice Broadcasting. That is our bread and butter product line which we are constantly developing and improving. We have our own network and technology which we built from the ground up. We do not pay licensing fees for software and we have the infrastructure to be a wholesale carrier. You can count on Dialtel to give you an advantage in the marketplace.

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