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Voice Broadcasting Services for Debt Consolidation Leads

Debt Consolidation Leads for Debt Settlement Services

Voice broadcasting is a very effective way to create Exclusive Debt Settlement Leads. Many of the companies that sell these leads use systems like ours to generate them. The process is very simple and as agents learn these methods, the playing field will start to level out for SOHO's that are trying to start their own lead generation system.

To create Debt Consolidation Leads, you first need to complete a small checklist of items that you will need in order to launch your first campaign. You will need:

  • Database of Phone Numbers to Call
  • Broadcast Message to Send
  • Caller ID to Out pulse
  • Transfer# to receive calls (if applicable)

The rest of the details can be setup on our dialer portal at Greendialer.com.

I will explain this details a bit in the next section.

Completing the Checklist

Database of Phone Numbers

We can provide you with free data, but it is untargeted generic white page data. You may opt to do a little research on your own and find a low cost alternative of targeted leads to dial. You may have your own data to use as well. Whichever may be the case, the goal is to not spend too much money on data. If you need a few references then reach out to us and we will help you out.

Broadcast Message to Send

There are a few different ways to handle the broadcast message.

  • You can record your own message directly into the system
  • You can try a generic message that we have on file
  • You can hire a professional to write your pitch and record your message

We can help you with whichever option you feel is best suited for your organization.

Caller ID to Out pulse

We can provide you with a Caller ID if you do not have one. If you opt to use our Caller ID, you will have to provide some text that you would like to appear above the phone number. This text must be alpha-numeric and has a 15 character limit including spaces.

Transfer# to Receive Calls

This is an optional feature only if you are using Live Transfers. Otherwise, you will not need a transfer number. If you do need a transfer number then you can use any existing phone line you currently own to handle the calls if it is for one agent. If you are running a call center then you most likely already have an internal phone system to handle the transferring of calls.

Implementing the Checklist

If you have all the required information to get started then you can register your account at Greendialer.com. When you register on the site, you will receive some emails that will guide you through the setup process. The most important part of the process is to download and read the Greendialer Manual. This will give you a complete explanation of every function on the site.

If you need any help getting your account setup, you can call us to schedule a training session. We will require a small deposit if we are to engage in a 60-90 minute training session. This deposit will be 100% good towards future usage on the site.

What are the Costs?

The only charge for using our system is for the successfully terminated calls. We do not charge for unsuccessful calls. There are no service charges, hidden fees, or start-up costs. There is also no charge for premium features such as call recording, call reporting, etc. All calls are billed in 6 second increments which means it is designed for wholesale use. We do not round calls up to the nearest 30-60 seconds like other providers may do.

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