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Voice Broadcasting for Emergency Notification

Voice Broadcasting for Emergency Notification

Contact thousands or millions of people with our Emergency Notification Service. Use our services to warn about:

  • Escaped Convicts
  • Natural Disasters
  • Man Made Disasters
  • Bad Drinking Water
  • Inclement Weather

Emergency Notifications Quickly and Effectively

Quickly and effectively contact hundreds or thousands of recipients via telephone. Setup a campaign in under 15 minutes with assistance from our staff. Call (774) 273-1355 if you need to do this right now! We can assist you with uploading your wave files, importing the data, and scheduling the campaign. Our services are redundant and hosted within high capacity data centers. Setup and manage your account online and get your message out within minutes.

No Hidden Costs With Our Services

We do not charge premiums for short term sales and service. Our prices are the same even if you have no where else to turn and need to get something out quickly. The technical support is free and friendly. If there is a job to perform we are ready to process it for you as quick as we possibly can. You only pay for actual connected calls. Ringing Time, No Answer, Disconnected numbers, etc. are not charged.

This service is ideal for schools, town halls, law enforcement, lost pets, and can mold into hundreds of thousands of other applications. If there is a need to contact a large amount of recipients in a short time with a direct pre recorded message then this service solves that problem.

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