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International Voice Broadcast Services

International Voice Broadcasting - Terminate Dialer Traffic To Virtually Any Location

We have wholesale routes available to many countries overseas and abroad. We can call and bridge any two countries via SIP Termination. You can call China and Bridge to USA. You can call USA and bridge to China. The combinations are endless. We can call any country as long as there are not sanctions against that country for free trade. For example, we cannot call Iran because there is a sanction against trade with Iran.

If you would like to call any country please email us at sales@dialtel.com and tell us the destination and volume you expect to terminate on a monthly basis. If you are visiting this page for the first time then please keep in mind that our service is Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing. We do not at this time handle SIP Trunking termination but rather we place mass calls to a list of numbers and play a message. The recipient of the call can interact with our IVR broadcast by pressing keys to interact. You can transfer calls, allow your called party to record a message, or answer a series of questions as part of a poll.

If you need this type of service then you are at the correct link. Please contact us and lets discuss your needs in more detail. For international customers it is preferable that you use our Skype link below to message us directly. We look forward to serving your needs however complex or simple they may be.

International Voice Broadcasting at Competitive Rates

You will find our competitors charge large premiums to terminate traffic internationally. We have a strong data center presence in the most connected data centers in the world and therefore have private connections with Tier 1 carriers that can deliver high quality voice termination to any destination in the world.

Our full range of services will work perfectly with any international destination. Contact us for rate quotes on your favorite destinations and get started today!

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