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Voice Broadcasting Services For Political Dialing

Political Voice Broadcasting Services - Contact Potential Voters Easily

With our Political dialer you can contact thousands or millions of people in a short time frame. Use our Hosted Political Dialer to:

  • Automate the placement of yard signs
  • Learn what issues matter most to your voters
  • Effectively grow your grassroots campaign
  • Survey or poll your constituents
  • Remind voters about the election day
  • Increase attendance to organized events
  • Help with Fundraising

Political Dialing is Easy and Affordable

Import your database, wave files, and schedule your campaign. Its that simple. We realize that many of our political customers are running on a tight budget and may not have strong computer skills. Our service to you is meant to fill this gap effectively so you can worry about what matters most, winning the election!

We will help you custom design the call flow that you intend to use for your outbound campaigns. You can do polls, surveys, live transfers, and even record feedback from your potential voters. We can also help you to target a specific geographical area if you do not have your own data.

We Have a State of the Art Political Dialing Solution

All that you need to operate our system is a high speed internet connection. When you login to your account, you will have a intuitive user interface for managing your campaigns. You can create multiple campaigns and run them all at the same time. You can also track the progress of all your campaigns in real time. Run polls, surveys, and even transfer the live callers to your contact center for extended services.

We can get your message out to the masses quickly and effectively. We will help you setup your account and provide all the resources that you need to get your campaign off the ground. This could be help with loading a database, recording a message, or setting up your campaigns settings. We have you covered completely!

Political Event Marketing

The most powerful way to reach your potential voters is to invite them all to your event. Voice Broadcasting is a proven method of increasing the turn-out to any event that you host for which you want to attract an audience. Many of these people will also end up being active supporters by volunteering or donating money. It is extremely simple to record a message into our system, load a list of numbers, and broadcast that message out to your list quickly. With thousands of lines at our disposal we can dial through a list of 20,000 numbers in about 5-10 minutes. The cost is low and the return is greater than the cost. This is why Political Voice Broadcasting is so widely used by candidates to increase their chances of winning.

Political Polls and Surveys

Understanding what issues matter most to your voters is crucial to your chances of election or re-election. We can call all your potential voters and ask them a series of questions. We can then easily generate a report to show you how people responded to those questions. Based on that information you can focus on the issues that matter most to your potential voters. There is no extra cost to use this powerful software and as always you only pay for connected calls. We have no hidden fees, just low rates for calls that terminate properly via a pay as you go platform. If you are a candidate or a marketer for politicians then you need our system to work for you.

GOTV Reminders

The night before the election you will want to remind all your potential voters who you are and why they need to vote for you. Its your final chance to convince them that you are the right choice over the other candidates. Its the time to let them know what separates you from your opposition. It is one last chance to get in the final word before the votes are cast.

Combining all the tactics of Political Voice Broadcasting and finishing off with a GOTV reminder is a completion of the Political VB marketing effort. You will know you turned over every rock and made every final effort to win your election.

Let Dialtel be your network to deliver those calls. We specialize in short duration dialer traffic which so many networks do not like. Utilizing multiple carriers and a fully redundant network design we consistently deliver high quality mass calls at the lowest prices possible in today's market. You can trust us to come through with support at the last minute and outside of the normal business hours most companies stand by.

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