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Political Robo Calls

Political Robo Calls for Elections

With our Political Dialer you can contact thousands or millions of people in a short time frame. Use our hosted Political dialer to:

  • GOTV (Get out the Vote) reminders the night before an election
  • Increase Attendance to public events and functions
  • Automate the placement of Yard Signs

Proper Identification for Robo Calls

To legally launch a robo call campaign, one has to be familiar with the laws that govern Political Robo Calls. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations. Some good material can be found on Wikipedia. We are willing to help candidates understand the laws for the state they represent.

Proper identification is necessary no matter what state you are going to broadcast into. Here is a list of a few ways that you should identify yourself on the calls you make.

  • Use a Valid Caller ID
  • Display Name Information on that Caller ID
  • Start your Greeting by Identifying Yourself

We can supply you with a DID (Phone Number) for your outbound calls. Furthermore, we can also provide you with CNAM Services for displaying a caller name along with your phone number. Greetings can be recorded directly into your account. As always our support team will assist you with all the steps outlined above.

Best Practices for Delivering Robo Calls

There are also some practices which I highly recommend for delivering robo calls responsibly. These practices will help you to go above and beyond the requirements of the law while cutting your costs and treating your calling list with respect. We want you to stand out as an example of how robo calls should be made! Here are the best practices we recommend:

  • Remove Duplicates from your Database
  • Offer DNC Removal (If you plan to call more than one time)
  • Do Not Call the Same Phone Number More Than One Time Per Week

Our software can remove duplicates from your calling list to prevent calling the same phone number twice. We also have the ability to automatically add a phone number to your internal DNC list via a keypress from the live message. Lastly, we suggest you do not call the same number more than one time per week.

If you follow the proper identification and best practices for robo calls, you will have alot more success using this technology. Dialtel offers full support to candidates looking to use our services for an election campaign. Let Dialtel be your full service provider. We can help you obtain the correct data, professionally record your scripts, create your campaigns, and schedule them for production.

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