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Voice Blast Services for High Capacity Outbound Messaging

Voice Blast Services for High Capacity Outbound Messaging

For those of you finding this page for the first time, Voice Blasting is when you send hundreds to thousands of pre recorded messages in a short period of time. Voice Blast Services are different methods that are available for the Voice Blasts. For example, you can use Polls and Surveys, Live Transfers, Voicemail Leads, or Mass Notification.

Describing the Different Methods of Voice Blasting

Polls and Surveys

This is when you ask the called party a series of questions for which the called party responds via touchtone. You can lead them to different messages based on the touchtone's they select. For more information on Polls and Surveys you can visit this link.

Live Transfers

This is when you ask the called party to press a touchtone, such as 1, in order to transfer to you for further discussion. When they press the touchtone you can play music on hold or a message while the call is being transferred. For more information on Live Transfers you can visit this link.

Voicemail Leads

This is when you ask the called party to press a touchtone for more information. When they press the touchtone you will then play a second message which will give them further information which is followed by a Beep Tone. The called party will leave you a message on the server which you can retrieve within 5 minutes of its creation. For more information on Voicemail Leads you can visit this link.

Mass Notification

This is when you simply play a message to the called party and then hang up. You can leave messages to the live caller or on the answering machine system. For more information on Mass Notification you can visit this link.

Understanding Which Method is Best for You

Understanding which methods are best suited for you is actually not a difficult process. Generally speaking there are a few simple rules that should be followed based on certain factors.

If you are a very small organization then you will want to start off with Voicemail Leads. Unless you are a warrior on the phone and can handle strong objections, Live Transfers would not be a great fit for you. With Voicemail Leads you can at least filter the leads before calling them back, THis is a huge advantage for a smaller organization because time is a major factor in your daily operations.

If you are a large organization then you will want to use Live Transfers because it gives you instant access to the lead. Call center metrics can be monitored and improved upon by the supervisor of the call center. Call recording can be utilized to improve training and quality assurance.

If you are a political organization then you will want to use Polls and Surveys to mine data for analytical purposes. This was something heavily used in the 2012 presidential elections in which political polling was used in record volumes.

If you are a non profit you may want to stick with a simple Mass Notification in order to blast a simple message out to the masses.

Taking Action

Whichever category you fall under, you must take action and be proactive about your goals in order to succeed with Voice Blast Services. It does take money to make money. If you are serious about investing time and money into these programs then you will have the best chance for success. We find there is no in between ground with customers using these services. They either do really well or not well at all.

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