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Call Center Services: Live Transfer Leads For Call Centers

Call Center Services - Live Transfer Leads for Call Centers or Soho Organizations - Generate Steady Lead Supplies using our Voice Broadcasting System

Our Wholesale Live Transfer Leads are the bread and butter of many Call Centers who utilize Voice Broadcasting Services. They are sometimes referred to as Press 1 transfers, although our system can use any key press to initiate the live transfer.

We find that call centers are the most prepared to handle the style of leads that Live Transfers deliver. This is because they manage agents who take the calls. This allows the call center to deploy a QA/QC program for constantly improving the methods of closing sales, making appointments, etc. That is the key to growth as a Call Center.

Dialtel can help you to be in control with Call Center Services such as Call Recording and Called Party Caller ID.

Call Recording will record all transferred calls from the dialer for evaluation. This will help you to find out which agents are doing a good job working the leads and which ones need to change their strategy.

Called Party Caller ID will outpulse the dial list number on the transferred call so you know which customer is transferring to you. This can help you if you use a 3rd party provider for screen pops that is tied into your phone system and/or CRM.

Screen Pop Caller ID and Multiple Transfer Numbers

Screen Pop Caller ID allows you to display the dial list number as the Caller ID on transferred calls. This will allow you to utilize Screen Pop Technology if you have the capability on your phone system. Even if you do not have this technology you can still use this feature to see the prospects phone number rather than seeing the stored Caller ID in the dialer for your transferred calls.

Multiple Transfer Numbers will allow you to input multiple transfer numbers rather than just one number. This will help if you have many sales agents but do not have a PBX to distribute the calls. It will also help if you have many sales agents in different locations.

Free Call Recording on Live Transfer Calls (By Request)

To assist with Quality Assurance, we give you important tools such as Call Recording for Free. Now you can monitor your agents activities and help them improve overall as a group.

Audio files will compile in your campaign and you can download them as a .zip file as often as you wish. In case you are a first time reader, our hosted dialer is Greendialer.com.

Transfer Ratios and Goals

Every Organization should have a quality control system in place to continuously improve the effectiveness of campaigns that are run. We give you historical ratios such as live person / transfer ratio, etc. Below is a snapshot of some stats you can see on your campaigns.

Click Image for Larger Scale

Live Transfer Leads with Call Center Metrics for Tracking Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Using these statistics you can improve the quality of your campaigns. You will understand how changes such as time of day, geographic area, and outbound message can alter the results of your campaign(s). Something as simple as changing the message or calling the list at a different time can have a big impact on your campaigns progress. If you combine the Call Recording with the Transfer Ratios then you can understand how your campaign is performing. Using these metrics allows you to set goals and track your progress on how you are meeting those goals.

How Can Live Transfer Leads Help My Business?

Live transfers can deliver instant sales spikes to any call center or SOHO. Simply record a powerful message about your product or service and voice broadcast this message to your dial list. Customers can connect live to your office within 1 second of pressing the required touchtone. The typical response ratio is around 1%.

Our Live Transfer Leads Solution Is Perfect For:

  • Call Centers
  • One Man Shops (SOHO)
  • Remote Agents
  • Mobile Businessmen

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