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On-Demand Mass Notification Service Utilizing Voice Broadcasting Platform

Mass Notification Service using Voice Broadcasting

Quickly contact hundreds to thousands of people instantly with our Mass Notification Service. This is perfect for event marketing, emergency notification, or informational services. You can quickly create and blast a campaign to any destination in the world utilizing our high capacity dialer optimized network for the delivery of voice notifications.

Mass Notifications for Event Marketing

If you are hosting a large event and you want to be sure that all the seats are filled, you need Mass Notification for Event Marketing. Simply record an outgoing message via our web based interface, load your contact database, and schedule your campaign. It's that easy! After your campaign has run you will be able to download detailed call reports on the delivery of your calls.

Mass Notifications for Schools

Inclement weather can be a challenge to schools due to time constraints. Many news stations handle this with announcements at the bottom of the screen to let you know if school has been cancelled. Schools can increase the communication to parents and students more effectively with a pre-registered database of contacts that wish to receive school cancellation notices, security threat advisements, or event reminders. We can store every parent and teacher into a central database that is ready to dial at the press of a button.

You can have a predetermined message or messages that you can send out OR you can record a new message quickly through the phone and blast it out to everyone in just minutes. Weekly or Monthly tests should be conducted to verify the proper strategy or protocol is in place for the specific situations you want to handle.

Mass Notifications for MLM, Teams, Groups

For smaller groups you can use our Mass Notification to quickly communicate to your teams, employees, or groups to send vital information to them when they need it most. Whether its just a coach of a softball team that wants to call 15 players to let them know the game was cancelled OR the game was moved to a different field. Or maybe you are an employer that just found out that a vital component of your production line went down early in the morning and you have to call 50 Employees to let them know production has been shifted to a different day due to maintenance. Contacting groups of people within the timeframe it takes to make one contact can save you lots of time and as we know, time is money. Take control of your available resources with Dialtel and use our redundant network to handle these requirements.

How Can Mass Notifications Help My Business?

  • Increase Attendance to Public Events
  • Quickly send out Cancellation Notifications
  • Warn of Threats or Security Updates
  • Warn of Inclement Weather

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Creating a Mass Notification Campaign

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