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Voice Broadcasting Services: Automated Polls and Surveys

Voice Broadcasting Services - Automated Polls and Surveys

If you want to reach a large target audience in a short period of time to gather intel which can be used to lead to a sale, learn about a customers experience, or improve upon your existing products or services, then Automated Polls and Surveys from Dialtel is your best choice.

With Dialtel's Polls and Surveys you can ask a series of questions and gather the responses via touchtone. These responses get posted into a CSV database for analytical or reporting purposes. This is a tree style IVR development process allowing you to jump to different questions based on the responses.

For example you could have question 1 to say, "Are you a Republican or a Democrat, Press 1 for Republican or Press 2 for Democrat." If they press 1 you could jump to a series of questions designed for Republicans and if they press 2 then it could lead to a series of questions designed for Democrats. The more branching the more complex so its best to keep minimum branches in your design.

Customer Satisfaction Post Sales Surveys

For larger ticket items such as furniture, car sales, home closings, etc. You will want to run a survey to find out how your customers experience was during the whole process. You can easily create multiple questions using the scaling process.

"How well did your salesman explain the warranty process on your new vehicle with 1 being poorly and 5 being perfectly"

"How informative was your real estate broker about the property you purchased with 1 being the least informative to 5 being the most informative"

"How friendly was your furniture salesman with 1 being not friendly and 5 being very friendly."

These kinds of post sales customer surveys can identify problems with particular employees or processes. Further training or disciplinary action may be required based on the type of questions and feedback you receive from continued polls and surveys.

Feedback and Development

Customer feedback is a vital factor to continued product development. Sometimes we learn from mistakes, sometimes we learn from ideas, and sometimes we learn by listening to our customers. Many times no matter how good you think your product is, your customers can identify existing issues with your processes, quality, or presentation. With Polls and Surveys from Dialtel you can gather all the necessary metrics to stay ahead of your competition. Identify common customer complaints, weed out bad employees, improve services and products you offer.... These are a few ways you can use feedback from your customers to grow your business.

How Can Polls and Surveys Help My Business?

Polls and Surveys help businesses by providing valuable data about the metrics you wish to track. They are also used heavily for political polling and Market Research. Our Polls and Surveys can help you with:

  • Post Sales QA
  • Post Support QA
  • Product Development
  • Political or Non Profits
  • Risk Analysis

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