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Voice Broadcasting Services: Recorded Response For Lead Generation

Voice Broadcasting Services - Recorded Responses for Lead Generation or Qualification

A recorded response is when you place an outbound call via Voice Broadcasting and the recipient of the call leaves you a message by pressing a key. Most recorded response campaigns consist of two messages. The live message and the voicemail message.

The Live Message will explain the product or service to generate interest. It will also include the request for a key press such as Press 1 for more information or press 9 to be added to our DNC list. If the customer presses 1 then we would jump to the voicemail message.

The Voicemail Message will strengthen the product or further explain the service. After this the called party will hear a beep which is usually instructed at the end of the message. The called party will leave their message on the voicemail system which you can retrieve at a later time.

Time Sensitivity of Recorded Response Leads

The biggest problem that you face as a system administrator is how you handle these leads. Too often people do not properly follow-up on leads in a timely fashion. Voicemail leads lose value just after you create them. It is like when you drive a new car off the lot but that is not the best example... It would be more like you drive the car off the lot but after 48 hours it has a good chance of being worth nothing.

Successful companies will professionally call back the leads within 4-24 hours. Be professional, be courteous, and have a plan!

How Can Voicemail Leads Help My Business?

Recorded responses are great for lead distribution or pre-screening. Imagine being able to broadcast your message to hundreds or thousands of people and then be able to is be able to separate the good from the bad and then distribute these leads evenly to your sales floor. Voicemail leads are great for:

  • Pre Qualification
  • Lead Distribution
  • Automated Lead Generation

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