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Voice Broadcasting Services

Voice Broadcasting Services

Dialtel offers Voice Broadcasting Services such as Polls and Surveys, Live Transfers, Voicemail Leads, and Mass Notifications. These services can be used for Political Campaigns, Call Centers, Sales Teams, Remote Agents, Non-Profits, Pre-Qualification, Lead Generation, etc.

We only charge for successful calls. There are no setup charges, hosting fees, or any other hidden charges. The only charges for using our system are for the successful calls that you make. For more information on pricing, please refer to our pricing page.

Estimating Cost

There are many variables involved with estimating the cost of a campaign. We have put together a very helpful document which outlines estimating by the amount of records in a database as well as the amount of simultaneous voice paths that are being run. You can download this doc right here.

Preparing your Account for Traffic

There is small checklist of items that you need to prepare in order to begin dialing. The main items that you will need to prepare are:

  • Database of Phone Numbers
  • Audio Files to Broadcast
  • Caller ID to Outpulse

We have also prepared a very helpful document containing resources that will help you to complete this pre-traffic checklist. You can download this doc right here.

Funding your Account

We do require a $300 initial deposit to start processing calls. This allows us to dedicate time to give you full training on your Greendialer account. It is also important that you are able to run different types of campaigns and broadcast various messages if you are new to Voice Broadcasting. It takes time to find the proper calling times, audio files, and databases that will bring you results.

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