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Wholesale SIP Trunking Solutions For Carriers and Resellers

Wholesale SIP Trunking

DialTel is offering Wholesale SIP Trunking to Carriers and Resellers utilizing its extensive LCR. Our goal is to become a #1 performer in your LCR and if we cannot then we should potentially be purchasing traffic from you!

The great thing about Carriers and Resellers working together is that joined efforts of buying and selling drives competition and ultimately saves both sides money. Dialtel is committed to developing and maintaining carrier relations to stengthen their own LCR while helping carriers to stengthen their LCR's as well.

Finding the Best Traffic Profile For Your Business

Dialtel can help you to find the best combination of carriers that will work for your traffic profile.

Currently there are 3 traffic profiles that we classify carriers under. There are Conversational Rate Decks, Restricted Dialer Rate Decks, and Unrestricted Dialer Rate Decks.

Conversational Rate Decks (Non-Dialer)

Conversational Rate Decks consists of carriers that require normal longer duration traffic and higher ASR's in order to obtain insanely low rates from them. These are the lowest rates you can find on the market. The reason for this is due to the fact that this traffic profile will better utilize the carriers resources and thus the carrier will reward you with the lowest rates possible.

Restricted Dialer Rate Decks

Restricted rate plans require that no more than 10% of the total traffic being sent to our switches is 6 seconds or less. We offer both a flat rate and an NPA-NXX rate plan for our restricted rate plans. Restricted rate plans have a blend of conversational and dialer traffic carriers. This is the most aggressive rate plan for pricing and quality.

Unrestricted Dialer Rate Decks

Unrestricted Rate Plans have no specific requirements. We offer both a flat rate and an NPA-NXX rate plan for our unrestricted rate plans. Unrestricted rate plans have only dialer approved carriers. This is not as aggressive in pricing and quality.

Online Portal for CDR Access, Tracking Spending, and Funding Account

Dialtel also gives you an online portal so you can stay on top of managing your account in real time. No waiting for daily reports, monthly CDR, or waiting for business hours to fund your account. We provide all these tools in real time 24x7.

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