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Hosted IVR Services

Voice Broadcasting - Virtual PBX - Virtual Call Center

DialTel provides hosted IVR services such as Voice Broadcasting, Virtual PBX, and Virtual Call Center. We have been in business since April of 2004. We started out as a small vendor of turn-key analog dialing systems. In April of 2006 we moved into the digital world and started to host TDM based digital dialing systems out of data centers in the Massachusetts area. In May of 2007 we started to develop our own enterprise level dialing platform powered by SIP. By October of 2008 we released our first version of our Voice Broadcasting platform and migrated all our existing customers from TDM to SIP. Today we are building on our Greendialer platform which is going to be our bread and butter product well into the future.

Our approach is simple - we aim to provide our customers with the most advanced telecommunications solution at an affordable price. This ensures that our customers will continue to use our services and be successful doing so. We are a customer driven company that takes its clients seriously. From our dialing plans to our in house software design, our goal has always been to strive for perfection. We do this by listening to the valuable input from our customers!

How we got where we are...

Customer Support

From the beginning we have provided a strong level of service and support. We have personally trained over 500 customers of all skill levels on how to use our services. Where many companies will draw the line, we have always crossed it. Our support has been so well at times that we have been able to stop all advertising and work referrals.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing models were designed to be appealing to both the light and heavy user. We don't charge any setup fees for any of our services. You can start an account for free and check out our interface before paying us. We will even allow you to make some test calls to ensure the quality of service meets your satisfaction.

Customer Driven

We listen to all the valuable input that our customers give us. It is through surveys, conversations, and email that we gather information about your experience with our services. When a customer makes a suggestion or has a problem, we focus on making a solution that meets their requirements.

Rapid Deployment

You can contact us in the afternoon and be running before suppertime! We have thousands of lines available and can accommodate you quickly and efficiently. We have learned over time that customers want to get started quickly. Our hosted services were designed for quick turn ups.


All you need is an internet connection and you are able to manage your entire account from anywhere in the world. You do not need to download and install any software nor buy any hardware to use our services.

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