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Press releases

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Can Voice Broadcasting Service Providers Handle Political Dialer Traffic? (5.10.2012)

5 Ways to Gain an Edge with Political Robo Calls (6.12.2012)

Dialtel Offers Tips on How to Choose the Proper Campaign for Voice Broadcasting as a SOHO (7.9.2012)

Dialtel Announces Release of Least Cost Routing Engine for Voice Broadcasting (7.17.2012)

Dialtel Releases Free Call Recording Feature for Live Transfer Campaigns (7.26.2012)

Dialtel Releases Mass Notification Service for the Rapid Delivery of Voice Messages (8.13.2012)

Dialtel Announces Release of Automated Polls and Surveys for Outbound Voice Broadcasting (8.20.2012)

Dialtel Announces Release of Hosted Dialer for Business Insurance Leads (9.17.2012)

Dialtel to Offer Free Data to Merchant Service Providers for Lead Generation (9.24.2012)

Dialtel Offers Entrepreneurs Automated Dialer with Carrier Grade Billing (10.15.2012)

Dialtel Suggests Automated Polling for Gauging Voter Preferences (10.22.2012)

Dialtel to Expand Footprint on Voice Blast Services (11.19.2012)

Dialtel Extends Service Offerings to Debt Settlement Firms (11.26.2012)

Dialtel Launches White Label Voice Broadcasting Program (12.17.2012)

Dialtel Adds Two New Features to Live Transfers Service (12.24.2012)

Dialtel Launches The Dialer Cloud for True Wholesale Voice Broadcasting (1.14.2013)

Dialtel Sets Funding Requirement for New Voice Broadcasting Customers (1.21.2013)

Dialtel Announces Plans to Develop New Voice Broadcasting Interface (2.18.2013)

Dialtel Finalizes Release of Least Cost Routing for Voice Broadcasting Platform (2.25.2013)

Dialtel Announces Major Changes to The Dialer Cloud Project (3.18.2013)

Dialtel Adds Two New Carriers for UK Dialer Termination (3.25.2013)

Dialtel Now Offering LRN Dipping Service to Help Lower Termination Costs (4.15.2013)

Dialtel to Start Offering Dialer Termination Services (4.22.2013)

Dialtel Tasks its Developers with SIP Trunking Challenge (5.20.2013)

Dialtel To Focus On Efficiency For Voice Broadcasting Services (5.27.2013)

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