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Welcome to our testimonials page. From time to time we will ask customers if they would be willing to write us a testimonial. We will post those responses here. Feel free to get references from this area of the site.

Comfort Keepers


Dialtel was a fabulous support to us when we needed to get an emergency voicemail out to all our staff. He helped us through the system and went above and beyond to ensure our message got out on time. Highly recommended..

Thanks Erik.
Bob Power



It would be unfair of me not to post a remark on the outstanding service that Mr. Erik Scanlan and the entire DialTel Team has given to my company. Mr. Scanlan has been patient with us all the way through our learning period. His willingness to offer advice and his commitment to ensuring full customer satisfaction by answering all our questions and resolving all issues in a timely manner, has been first class! Using his system, we have been able to reduce our lead acquisition costs by over 50%.

Hats off to the Dialtel Team!!! ..... And a special thanks to Erik.

K. Baptiste
Database Marketing Manager
DataMart Management
(868) 727 7001

Virtual IT Guy


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Erik Scanlan. This gentleman went way beyond the call of duty! I bought his system from one of his customers and was having some problems getting it running. I called Erik and he told me what was needed. We scheduled a time to speak and he was most proficient with his time. The bottom line is that this gentleman took 3 hours out of his busy work day to help me get our dialing system up and running. I would recommend Mr. Scanlan & DialTel to anyone looking for a dialing system.

Thank you, Again
Mike Pagan
(407) 219-6897

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