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Dialtel White label Voice Broadcasting Reseller Program

White Label Program

White Label Voice Broadcasting Program

You can now resell Dialtel services with our White Label Voice Broadcasting program. By submitting some basic information we can integrate your own domain name into our site. You will be able to resell all our services and build a customer base via your sysadmin portal for web based management.

This program does require a $500 deposit to cover our programming time. This deposit is good to be used towards minutes usage on your white label account, but it is non-refundable. Some of the major features are:

  • Use your own domain or sub domain
  • Sysadmin Portal for Customer Management
  • Billing Portal for Customer Tracking
  • Flexible rating and revenue streams
  • Domestic US Termination only on Reseller Programs
  • Advanced IVR Capabilities
  • Free Hosting! Only maintenance cost is your domain

Benefits of White Label

You will be able to attract your own clients and appear as the owner of the technology. All you need to do is focus on bringing in new revenue streams and we can help you manage the support for your customers. You would be accessing an already working system that is constantly being enhanced and developed to bring new services to the market.

There is a very minimal investment of $500 which is fully useable towards your reseller account and will not expire.

Instructions for Setting up your White Label account

Before you fill out the form below you will need a Greendialer account. Please create your account here first and supply your Greendialer username into the form below. After we have all your information we will contact you when ready with the A Records that you will need to program into your domain management portal. We can assist you or your webmaster should you need any help with those settings.

The turn-around time is between 24-72 hours for us to completely provision and have your site ready assuming you send us all the information we require in the form below. After that, we will need to setup a time to train you online and would require a remote view session so that we may view your screen and provide better training on how to use your new white label account to manage customers.

Pre-Requisites to being a White Label Partner

We prefer that anyone interested in our White Label product should have relevant experience with Voice Broadcasting services. This is not a product well suited for an entry level reseller. As long as you understand the basics of Voice Broadcasting then we will be a great match for you.

While we would love our White Label program to be a success, we measure success not in numbers of resellers but rather quality of resellers. We would much rather have 3-5 resellers whom we have strong relationships with than to have 500 resellers with inactive accounts. Please approach us if you feel you are a good fit for this program.

White Label Setup Form

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