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Hosted IVR Services

DialTel provides customers with access to Hosted IVR Services. Via the internet, customers can login to our secure servers and access our powerful web based software. Campaigns can be created and scheduled to run at your convenience. Billing can be tracked and reports can be generated all in real time.

We provide services such as Voice Broadcasting/Predictive Dialing, Virtual PBX, Virtual Call Center. These services can be hosted via pay as you go or we can offer you premise based solutions. We can also handle custom coding applications requiring integration of your database via API calls.

If you are looking for a serious company with great service, rates, and products then look no further. Dialtel is built to handle your requirements big or small.

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Rest API
The Dialtel API is organized around REST. Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs, to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors, and to use built-in HTTP features. This allows us to utilize HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs which can be understood by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.

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Free Caller ID
We can provide you with a Free Caller ID with our Caller Name Delivery Service. Caller Name Delivery is an enhanced Caller ID service that allows you to display customized text along with the phone number you outpulse.

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White Label
You can now resell Dialtel services with our White Label Voice Broadcasting program. By submitting some basic information we can integrate your own domain name into our site. You will be able to resell all our services and build a customer base via your sysadmin portal for web based management.

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