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DialTel Inc.

Meet our awesome team!!

DialTel Inc. at a glance..

About Us

Dialtel is a service provider in the telecommunications industry providing (SaaS) software as a service for end users to manage the entire process from end to end. Through our innovative and complete user interface, end users can fund accounts, upload data, audio, and configure all details of campaigns such as Voice Broadcasting, Ringless Voicemail, and Call Tracking. We provide both outbound and inbound services under the definition of (EVS) enhanced voice services to our end users.

We operate and maintain our own space within collocation environments that provide secure storage and reliable power and IP to our network. The user interface and all services have been designed and are maintained by Dialtel.

We have extensive knowledge in the technical requirements and strategies of building and maintaining voice powered communications. We designed our own Class 4 switch for powering all the services that we provide. Through many carrier relationships, we route our calls just as a wholesale carrier route calls and talk to our carriers using the same RFC standardizations that dictate how SIP communications should work.

We listen to our customers and implement changes continuously that benefit the whole of our customer base in an effort to improve and build upon the footprint we are maintaining. It is through customer feedback that we strive to make our services expand and adapt to handle and satisfy the customer base we serve.

Our Team

Our team is constructed with talented developers and support staff who are constantly working on the user interface on behalf of our customers and partners.

We work with all the latest technology and handle a very wide variety of programming languages that are all tied into our distributed network design. We are constantly examining our business processes to improve the quality and range of the services we offer.

Our entire team is 100% focused on our customers and resellers. Based on feedback and experience, we are always striving to deliver a better customer experience and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

We review and respond to every inquiry, whether sales or support related, while making any necessary changes to improve our services. Our team is always focused on the continuous improvement of our services.

Our Mission & Goals

We are a 100% cash company with no investors or accumulated debt. We are very careful when spending money and take a very conservative approach to our long-term goals. You can imagine us as a sports team with no big name players but yet we compete very well against our opponents.

With constant research and development, we are striving to deliver the next generation of communications strategies to our customers. We stay up to date with the latest trends and develop our own methods of how they could be done better.

We are focused on delivering high quality services at the lowest possible cost to our customers. This involves carrier relations, monitoring of services, and maintenance of our network on a continuous basis.

Our main goal is to give customers and resellers the best chance at success and to develop long-term relationships with our customer base. We listen to our customers and give them the highest level of respect towards accomplishing their own goals.

Our Strength

We are very talented with the entire research and development process. We use multiple coding languages to build our network while each language is chosen based on its purpose to perform the task at hand.

We have strong communications experience in developing and maintaining a reliable quality driven Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine that gives our customers and resellers the lowest rates with the highest level of quality.

Our routing logic is so good that we constantly have carriers that want to send traffic to our switches. You see, we are not just a service provider but we have gone one step further. We are a carrier that has services built underneath our network.